Financial institutions

REGMIFA partners with microfinance institutions, local commercial banks and other financial institutions that are established in Sub-Saharan African countries and serve micro, small and medium sized enterprises.

Eligibility Criteria

The Fund aims to build solid and long-lasting relationships with domestic financial institutions that are financially sustainable and meet the following egibility criteria:

  • Comply with the local banking regulation and/or the rules applicable to NGOs or NBFIs (as the case might be)
  • Present a stable financial performance as reflected by profitability, capital, portfolio and liquidity ratios
  • Use an adequate management information system which produces meaningful and reliable reporting of their activities
  • Have a sizeable lending activity in favor of MSMEs
  • Comply with the standards of responsible finance
  • Have ownership and management structures that follow the principles of good corporate governance and apply anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing standards