Strategy and Principles

REGMIFA’s Technical Assistance Facility complements the financial services delivered to the investees of the Fund. The Facility is key to the Fund’s value proposition and its activities are complementary to other industry initiatives in the region. REGMIFA offers technical assistance in the areas of governance, business planning, risk management, internal control, product development, human resources, finance and accounting, marketing and customer relationship management, institutional development and transformation, management information systems and others.

The approach of the implementation and management of the Facility is based on the following principles:

  • Delivery of high-quality consultancy services
  • Fair and transparent processes and procedures
  • Provision of services based on clients’ needs

The REGMIFA TA Facility operates as a separate entity with its own oversight body (TA Facility Committee) and is governed by its own rules and regulations. The TA Facility operates under the following principles:

  • Supporting institutions funded by REGMIFA
  • Addressing key operational needs in PLIs through focused capacity building and consulting
  • Ensuring high level of ownership of the TA activities by the PLIs, pursuing co-financing of activities in which PLIs share the costs of the consulting services, based on their level of maturity, their size and their financial strength
  • Promoting transfer and best practices knowledge between the TA experts and the PLIs’ staff to ensure activities will be pursued in a sustainable way
  • Particular focus on small and medium PLIs in line with the Fund’s priorities

TA Organizational structure