The REGMIFA Technical Assistance Facility was set up as an independent entity to the Investment Fund and is a key part of REGMIFA’s value proposal. The Facility increases the Fund’s impact on its partnering institutions (PLIs) by combining Technical Assistance (TA) with much needed financial resources, ensuring maximized efficiency of funding and directly supporting the investment pipeline of the Fund.

The complementing of the Fund’s financial assistance to PLIs with non-financial services takes place in the areas of Technical Assistance, Consulting and Training. These efforts aim the strengthening of financial institutions and of the sector across the region and can be complementary to other industry initiatives.

The TA Facility pursues the delivery of competitive and high-quality consultancy services and the provision of services based on clients’ needs. In close collaboration with the management of the institutions, the TA Facility assess the services needed and ensures a highly transparent and competitive consultant selection process.

The main areas in which the TA Facility engages consultants are:

  • Governance, Management, Business Planning
  • Risk Management, Internal Control
  • Loan Portfolio, Credit Products
  • Savings and Non-Credit Product Development
  • Social Performance Management
  • Human Resources
  • Performance, Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Management Information System
  • Network Management and Reporting
  • Institutional Development and Transformation
  • Other (e.g. Leasing, Factoring, etc.)

The TA Facility has set up a Consultant Database which is used to short-list compilation and direct contracting as well.

Registered consultants will have access to the TA Facility contracting guidelines, the applicable rules to the contracting process from the very first steps to the award of contracts and related templates.

Consultants interested in a potential partnership to the TA Facility are invited to register in the TA Facility Database. More information can be obtained by sending an email to